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Welcome, and thanks for visiting our site designed to keep you informed on public safety matters during your visit to the City of Atlanta, home of Super Bowl LIII.

We want to make sure your visit to Super Bowl LIII and its many events is a safe and enjoyable experience. We’ve gathered information on public safety, traffic and a few other issues we hope will help you prepare for a pleasant trip. Please take a few minutes to explore the page to learn more. We’ll continue to update this page throughout the week, leading up to the big game on Sunday, February 3. Come back for the latest news and information and don’t forget to follow us on your preferred social media platform.

Be safe, and enjoy all that our great City has to offer.

Press Releases / Advisories

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Public Safety Announcement Videos

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Here are a few quick tips: 

  1. Have a good time. But always remain vigilant, and be aware of your surroundings
  2. Don’t leave unsecured valuables in your car or hotel room and never leave your belongings unattended
  3. Report any suspicious activity by using the See Something/Send Something app, alerting a nearby officer or calling 911
  4. Expect the possibility of crowds, limited parking and traffic congestion - consider riding MARTA or using a ride share service
  5. Follow us on our social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updated public safety information and messages


Useful Links

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 Know Before You Go
Street Closure Maps
Transportation Information


City of Atlanta Super Bowl 53 Information 


Plan a trip with MARTA



See Something Send Something Application

Real time traffic information


Atlanta Weather Forecast

 Georgia Hands Free Law - if you drive, please keep in mind that Georgia has a hands free law making it illegal to hold your phone while driving.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I park?
    • Parking during the Super Bowl and preceding events will be limited. We encourage you to take MARTA or some other ride sharing service. If you do decide to drive, please make sure you only use sanctioned parking lots and metered parking on the street. Never pay a person to park on a city street.
  • Is it legal to buy tickets from a ticket scalper?
    • Georgia Law (43-4B-29) allows the original owner of the tickets to sell them. To sell the tickets, you must be beyond 2700 feet from the venue. When purchasing tickets, please be aware of fraudulent tickets.
  • Will firearms be permitted?
    • Please check with the venue on their rules for carrying firearms. If you must leave your firearm in your car, please make sure it is securely attached to your vehicle with a gun lock or in a portable gun safe attached to your vehicle.

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