Manager Delois Watson-Brown


Ground Transportation Manager

DeLois K. L. Watson-Brown was appointed Ground Transportation Manager of the Division of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire Section in February 2015. Ms. Watson-Brown served as the interim Ground Transportation Manager from August 2014 until her permanent appointment to the position.

The Division of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire Section manages the permitting and registering process for taxi companies, horse drawn carriages, limousines services and other agencies. The section also ensures that these organizations are compliant with city ordinances, regulations, and state laws.

In 1992, Ms. Watson-Brown began her career with the Atlanta Police Department in the Communications Department. She later served as the executive assistant to two police chiefs and played an instrumental role in helping the Atlanta Police Department secure its inaugural accreditation status.

Ms. Watson-Brown is a military veteran with twenty-eight years of honorable service. She held several military positions including United States Army Military Intelligence Staff Officer and Officer in Charge of military intelligence units in Korea, Japan, Afghanistan and the Netherlands. In 2012, Ms. Watson-Brown retired from the United States Army Reserves at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Upon her return from deployment, Ms. Watson-Brown was assigned to the Atlanta Police Department’s Vehicles for Hire Section.

Ms. Watson-Brown received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach and is also a United States Army Command and General Staff College graduate. She is a certified instructor periodically serving at the Atlanta Police Departments’ Training Academy and a published author. Ms. Watson-Brown’s leadership philosophy is,“ to lead right where you are, doing no harm”. She is a proud mother of one adult son.