Copper/A.C./Metal Thefts

Area: Zone 3

Date: 4/7/2011

Thefts and vandalism of air conditioning units have been a city-wide challenge. We encourage citizens to report suspicious activity immediately to 911.

Some deterrents:

1) Alarms + motion sensors (alerts sent to cell phones rather than landline)

2) Well-lit areas

3) Marking coils (spray painting phone numbers) w/flourescent paints or other identifiable markings

4) Camera surveillance w/recording capability

5) Neighborhood Watch Programs

6) Crime Prevention Inspectors can make property assessments and conduct educational seminars upon request

7) Utilize Crime Stoppers and you may receive a reward (404-577-TIPS or 8477)

8) Posting signs for: Monitored Alarm or Camera, Tracking Device Installed,  No Trespassing

9) When victims report significant metal thefts or identifiable items then police can send that information to the task force and it will be posted on the recyclers website and email alerts will be sent out.