Burglary Prevention Tips

Area: Zone 1

Date: 6/7/2011


Reinforce Your Doors

Be sure to reinforce all outside doors and with strong reliable dead bolt locks. Make certain all doors and windows are locked at all times.


Improve Your Lighting

Light up your residence with motion lights in the front and rear of the house. Leave lights on when you go out.


Secure Your Sheds

Always lock garden sheds. Reinforce your shed with a padlock. Keep all ladders locked inside the garage when not being used.


Landscaping & Shrubs

Trim trees and shrubbery around the home to reduce a cover for intruders. Do not provide sheltered areas for burglars and muggers to hide.


Mail and Newspapers

Do not allow mail, newspapers or flyers to build up when you are away from home. Make arrangements with the Post Office or a neighbor.  


Get To Know Your Neighbors

Join your Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) and Neighborhood Watch Programs. When you are away from home neighbors can prove more effective than any other security measure.


Security Inspections

Contact the Atlanta Police Department’s Crime Prevention Inspectors at (404)546-5650 for a free security inspection.


Major T. Quiller

Atlanta Police Department

Zone One Commander