See Something Say Something

Area: Zone 4

Date: 8/1/2011

Zone 4 have been challenged with property crime over the summer. With those challenges we are still currently down in burglaries, and thefts. With the assistance of many concerned and involved citizens over half of our active burglaries ( Burglary in progress) where there was an arrest, was due to citizens calling when they saw something that just didn’t look right.

As we embark on another school year I encourage you to remain vigilant and involved. Officer will be ever so watchful for children that should be in school. I implore you to call 911 when you see things “that just doesn’t look right” .   See Something Say Something.


Major Rodney N. Bryant

Zone 4 Commander

Atlanta Police Department

1125 Cascade Cir

Atlanta Ga. 30311

404.756.1903 office

404.546.9656 efax