Re: BOLO Dark Brown or Burgundy F150 King Cab - 44 Vehicle

Area: Zone 3

Date: 9/7/2011

This vehicle was recovered on Fortress.

Major Barbara G. Cavender
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From: Cavender, Barbara
To: zone3alerts
Sent: Wed Sep 07 12:08:27 2011
Subject: FW: BOLO Dark Brown or Burgundy F150 King Cab - 44 Vehicle

Please be on the lookout for this vehicle.  Do not approach any suspects, but call 911 immediately.  Thank you.



APD case #11-243-1236  @    Belmont Ave SW on 312’s Beat




APD case #11-243-1246 @  Athens Ave SW on 312’s Beat


The vehicle was used in two separate robberies in Zone 3 at homes that are under renovation on 08/31/2011.  Victims say that the vehicle appeared to be between a 2005-2008 model year.  No tag # is available for the suspect vehicle.


Suspects are four black males ages 25-30.  The best description so far is that one of the males is about 5’10”, brown skin, slender build about 150-160lbs, low haircut, and the male’s teeth are very crooked and “messed up” according to one of the victims. 


The suspects stole power tools, cash, and cell phones from the victims at gunpoint and the crimes occurred about 3-5 minutes apart on 08/31/2011.   Any help in identifying these males would be appreciated.



SPO V. T. Lester

Zone 3 Criminal Investigations Division

404-230-6104 (Office)

404-230-9816 (Fax)