Email & Phone Scams

Area: Zone 3

Date: 8/4/2012

Talk to your friends & relatives about email/phone scams:
-Take the time to explain why you should never give out your credit card number to buy a product that's sold via email. These scams often promise a great product — anti-aging, perhaps? — but they need your credit card information. This type of scam also happens via phone. Seniors get a call and they're offered a new product, etc... Once they have your loved one interested, they ask for a credit card number to seal the deal. DO NOT RESPOND TO CALLERS BY GIVING CREDIT CARD, DATE OF BIRTH OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER INFO OVER THE PHONE OR VIA EMAIL.
-Keep an eye on caregivers for your loved ones.
-Some scams have been reported involving persons pretending to be relatives (you may not have heard from in awhile or not recognize their voice) wanting you to wire money.
-The fraudsters may say you've won a lottery or a free vacation. Or there's a package for you awaiting delivery. They give you a phone number and tell you to call for details.The come-ons to call may arrive by letter, email or voice mail. If you dial, expect to be hit with a pitch to wire an upfront fee or disclose personal information. Whatever you do, don't click on any of the links in the email.
For more information on this type of fraud and prevention tips, please refer to previous public service announcements at the links below:
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