Homicide on Danforth

Area: Zone 4

Date: 8/23/2012

Good afternoon,
I am sure you are well aware of the homicide that occurred at 4198 Danforth Road early this morning. The victim does live in the area and appears to have been walking home when the crime occurred. The Homicide Unit is actively investigating the case and I assure you all resources, within Zone 4 and the department, will be made available to them to do so. As for Zone 4, we will increase patrols, and checkpoints in the area, and supervisors, including myself, will be  available to address any question/concerns residents may have. Please do not hesitate to forward my contact information to any and all members of NPU Q, and anyone else you feel may need it.
Major Rodney N. Bryant
Zone 4 Commander
Atlanta Police Department
1125 Cascade Cir.
Atlanta Ga. 30311