Update on 860 Hank Aaron: Studio/Club

Area: Zone 3

Date: 11/8/2013

We had a final hearing today on Lokenauth (Sam Stone, AKA Phillip Tubbs) today.

City Solicitor Erika Smith dead docketed the liquor license charges for 6 months as long he follows the guidelines from code enforcement. 
He pled guilty to the theft of water services and tampering with the meter.  He will pay a $1000 and $25000+ in restitution since that is what he owns to the water dept.

The place is still under occupancy restriction and its placarded, so I think we can put this one behind us.  He has it up for sale and does not plan to attempt to fix it up.  

All assisting depts & units, Council, and the community did a great job showing up to court and making our presence known.