Alert-Auto Break-ins on 303's beat in Mechanicsville

Area: Zone 3

Date: 11/14/2013

Zone 3 needs your help to reduce auto break-ins!
Please DO NOT leave valuables in cars. We get reports of Ipads, laptops, purses, etc...left in vehicles (some may be fraudulent reports). set your car alarm or use other security devices. Park in well-lit areas and near cameras if available.

Some locations were are watching:
500 block of Whitehall
500-600 block of Wells
500 block of Pryor St
500-800 block of Windsor
500 block of McDaniel St
400 block of Glenn St

Continue to report suspicious activity to 911 immediately. If you know of suspects, please call our Zone 3 Investigations at (404) 230-9604, or email the supervisor, Lt. Tim Culberson at, or call Crime Stoppers at 4045778477.