Auto larcenies in Mechanicsville area

Area: Zone 3

Date: 12/19/2013

Auto larcenies:
Auto break-ins continue to be a challenge for us in Zone 3. We have multiple reports of purses, GPS, cameras, Ipads, cell phones...left in vehicles.
Most are occurring overnight. Please report truants, curfew violations, and suspicious activity immediately.

Repeat locations for Month:
500 block of Whitehall
500 block of Formwalt St
Garibaldi St
Glenn St (especially 490)
Pryor St (300-700 block)
181 RDA

Repeat locations for Year:
500 block + 765 McDaniel
Glenn St (especially 490)
Pryor St (500-700 block)
500 block of Whitehall St
Formwalt St
500 block of Wells St
400-500 block of Fulton St
181 RDA