Crime Analysis

The Crime Analysis Unit provides analysis of crimes to identify patterns and trends. The information gathered is given to commanders to develop crime-fighting plans and strategies. The Unit is instrumental in providing statistical data for APD's weekly COBRA briefings. COBRA which stands for Command Operation Briefings to Revitalize Atlanta, provides APD staff an opportunity to track crime in real time and to respond to crime trends as they happen. The Unit provides breakdowns of each zone and beat and compares trends from week to week and through the past two years. All Part I offenses are tracked, along with arrests and other proactive police measures. Staff is held accountable and supervisors work together to re-allocate resources in response to statistical analysis. This tool is extremely important to crime-fighting efforts in the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta Police Department
Crime Analysis Unit
226 Peachtree St SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Office: 404-546-7933

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