Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my birthday falls on a day the Bureau is closed will I still be charged a late fee?
A. Yes, the Atlanta City Code allows a driver up to 45 days, prior to expiration, to renew a permit.

Q. If my permit expires and it’s less than a year, can I continue to drive?
A. No, once a driver’s permit expires a driver is expected to cease driving until permit has been renewed.

Q. If my permit has been expired for over one year, can I just renew it?
A. No, if a permit has been expired one year or longer, you will be treated as a new driver and must take the Ambassador training course again.

Q. I’m going out of town and will not return until after my renewal date, can I renew when I return?
A. The Atlanta City Codes allows a driver to renew permits up to 45 days prior to its expiration. If a permit is renewed after the expiration date, the driver will be charged a late renewal fee.

Q. If I cannot schedule training for the week that my permit expires, can I receive an extension?
A. No, drivers are responsible for scheduling and completing training in order to renew permit.

Q. What methods of payment does the Bureau accept?
A. Due to the high cost of processing other methods of payment, the Bureau only accepts cashiers checks or money orders for payments.

Q. I’m putting a new vehicle in service; can I receive an extension to work until the next inspection date?
A. No, the Atlanta City Code requires all vehicles to be inspected prior to being placed in service as a vehicle for hire.

Q. If my vehicle is in the shop and I cannot make it to the inspection station, will I be cited?
A. If the driver requests his/her company to notify the Bureau in advance, the driver will not be cited for missing an inspection.

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