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Complaints may be submitted at the Office of Professional Standards, any work site of the Atlanta Police Department or online with the form below.

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Commending An Officer

Any person who wishes to commend an officer or employee of the Department may do so by contacting the Office of the Chief of Police, the Office of Professional Standards, a supervisor at any worksite in the Department or by email. Please provide as much information as possible about the officer as well as the reason he or she should be commended. In addition, please provide your name and contact information in order to contact you if necessary (all information will be kept confidential).

Office of Professional Standards

950 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. Suite 16
Atlanta, Ga. 30318

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The Complaint Process

The Department provides thorough, impartial investigations of all allegations of employee misconduct and imposes appropriate disciplinary actions for all sustained employee work rule or city ordinance violations. The Department strives for consistency in its application of discipline, imposes discipline for minor policy infractions disciplinary actions which are in accordance with the philosophy of progressive discipline, and provides consideration for mitigating and/or aggravating factors. These include employee intent, past performance, degree of culpability, discipline history, severity of infraction, acceptance of responsibility by the employee and other relevant factors.

Who may register a complaint?

A complaint may be made by any citizen, or employee of the City of Atlanta.

Every Complaint, Regardless of its nature, is appropriately investigated. Complaints of minor violations may be assigned to members of the employees chain of command for investigations.

Complaint Process Brochure

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The Internal Investigations Unit

The Internal Investigation Unit of OPS investigates allegations of employee misconduct of a serious nature and maintains records of all complaints made against Department employees.

Acceptance of Complaints

Complaints against any Atlanta Police Department employee will be accepted from any source at the Office of Professional Standards or by any supervisor at any facility in the Department regardless of the location of the alleged occurrence. If the complaint is clearly Priority II, the supervisor may put the complainant directly in touch with the employee's supervisor or take the complainant to the employee's supervisor.

Complaints are defined in two categories

Priority I - Allegations of employee misconduct of a major nature that are usually investigated by the Office of Professional Standards

Priority II - Any complaints not meeting any of the criteria for Priority I, including allegations that involve a vehicular accident, discourtesy, or other lesser misconduct by Departmental employees.

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