City of Atlanta Taxicab Passenger Rights

All passengers have a right to:

·         The most direct route or customer’s preferred route

·         A safe, courteous and hospitable driver who obeys all traffic laws

·         A knowledgeable driver who speaks English and knows city geography

·         Working seatbelts for all passengers

·         An appropriately dressed driver

·         Air conditioning or heat upon request

·         Clean adequate trunk space

·         Noise free (radio, cd, ipod, etc.) ride

·         Clean air, smoke free and odor neutral environment

·         Clean reliable and safe vehicle

·         Explanation of any fare charged

·         Receipt at the end of a trip that shall include:

1.    Company Name

2.    Company Address

3.    Company Phone

4.    Taxicab 4-digit CPNC Number

5.    Driver’s Name

6.    Number of Passengers

7.    Location of trip origination

8.    Location of trip termination

·         Decline a tip for poor service

·         Refuse to ride in a taxicab


The Division of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire welcomes any comments and or concerns regarding your experience traveling in a City of Atlanta taxi. If you feel your rights were violated by a taxicab driver please submit a Consumer Complaint.   


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