Major William Ricker

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Contingency Operations Division

Major William Ricker joined the Atlanta Police Department in 1994, gaining experience and supervisory skills at each level of his career that serve him in his role today.

Ricker began his career with APD as a patrol officer in southeast Atlanta. He was promoted to sergeant 11 years later where he began to gain experience as a supervisor over patrol officers in the field and to serve as an important face of the department in community meetings.

He would later transfer to the department’s Narcotics Unit and also supervise the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s West Metro Drug Enforcement Office. He would be the first non-GBI agent to serve in that role.

Ricker became a lieutenant in 2015, where he led the U.S. Attorney’s Office Drug Market Intervention  effort in northwest Atlanta to combat the heroin epidemic in the English Avenue community. He was awarded by the U.S. Attorney in 2017 for those efforts.

As a lieutenant, Ricker would later excel in his role as commander of the department’s Atlanta Proactive Enforcement and Interdiction Unit (APEX), formed to combat violent repeat offenders and violent crime in the city.  In 2019, Ricker was promoted to captain and assumed the role of Night Commander, responsible for incident command for the entire city during overnight hours.

Ricker was promoted in 2020 to the position of major in the Contingency Operations Division, which coordinates security for major events in the city.