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The Atlanta Police Department is divided into 6 divisions under the Office of the Chief.

Office of the Chief

Assistant Chief

Community Services Division 

The Community Services Division (CSD) encompasses units that are directly responsible for coordinating and facilitating Community Oriented Policing principles, Atlanta Airport (HJIA) police functions, Special Operations, and Code Enforcement Section operations. 

Contingency Operations Division

The Contingency Operations Division is responsible for researching, developing, planning and implementing a strategic force for all major events in the City of Atlanta. This includes parades, protests, marches, rallies, large gathering permits, sporting and entertainment venues. The Division’s responsibility it to ensure everyone involved in the event is safe and all constitutional guarantees are provided to those involved. 

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of investigative units whose primary responsibility is to investigate and follow-up on crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Atlanta.  

Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division (FOD) is the uniformed patrol force of the City. Officers patrol the city streets, answer calls for service, and work with the community to solve trending problems. FOD consists of six geographic patrol zones and the Night Commander, who is the ranking supervisor during late night shifts. 

Strategy and Special Projects Division

The Strategy and Special Projects Division (SSP) is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the department’s strategic crime fighting initiatives and implementing new technologies and projects. The division consists of the Video Integration Center (VIC), Planning & Research/Accreditation, Staff Inspections, Crime Analysis, The Retired Officers Force, and the Atlanta Police Leadership Institute (APLI). 

Support Services Division

Support Services Division (SSD) provides administrative and logistical support to all divisions in the Atlanta Police Department. The division consists of Corporate Services, E911, Information Services, and the Training Academy.