The Major Crimes Section is comprised of the Homicide Unit, the Robbery Unit, the Gun Assault Team Unit, the Special Victims Unit, the Metro Atlanta Crime Stoppers, and the Major Fraud Unit.

  1. The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating homicides, cold cases (unsolved homicides), missing adults, deaths in custody and complex special investigations. Within the Homicide Unit is the General Investigative Unit, which is responsible for responding to requests for investigative assistance during the morning watch hours. (APD.SOP.5040 Homicide Unit)
  2. The Robbery Unit is responsible for investigating robberies within the City of Atlanta to include commercial robberies, robberies of banking institutions, motor vehicle hijackings, pedestrian robberies and home invasions. The Robbery Unit works in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigations where incidents involve interstate commerce.
  3. The Gun Assault Team (GAT) is responsible for investigating all non-fatal shootings within the City of Atlanta. This excludes self-infliction shootings.
  4. The Special Victims Unit (SVU) is responsible for investigating rapes, sexual assaults and all cases involving juvenile offenders and victims that include child abuse, child neglect, missing children in addition to child pornography and prostitution. (APD.SOP.5210 Special Victims Unit)
  5. The Metro Atlanta Crime Stoppers is a network made up of the Atlanta Police Department and other area jurisdictions that compile and share information based on citizen tips regarding criminal activity in the metropolitan Atlanta area (APD.SOP.6142 Crime Stoppers and Crime Tips).
  6. The Major Fraud Unit is responsible for the investigation of fraud cases with an estimated loss of $10,000 or more. The Major Fraud Unit will monitor fraud crime patterns and coordinate enforcement efforts with the zone investigations (APD.SOP.5220 Fraud Investigations).