The Atlanta Police Department’s Special Enforcement Section (SES) provides a proactive law enforcement investigative response to specific, specialized crimes. The SES Unit is a multifaceted unit comprised of the Homeland Security Unit, Narcotics Unit, HIDTA, Repeat Offender Tracking Unit, Robbery Unit, Targeted Enforcement, License and Permits Unit and the VRO Unit.

The Narcotics Unit and HIDTA Units work together to address and investigate illicit narcotics trafficking and distribution in the city. As a collaborative effort between these units and their local, state and federal partners, their efforts allow for an aggressive response and investigations of organized drug trade organizations that operate nationwide.

The Repeat Offender Tracking Unit identifies recidivist criminals who are prone to violate laws upon their release back into the community. Personnel assigned to this unit, analyze criminal backgrounds of repeat offenders, review the potential for continued criminal activity and seek the help of the justice system to keep these individuals behind bars. The efforts of this unit are instrumental in addressing crime trends and reducing the crime rate.

The Robbery Unit is charged with the responsibility of responding to any robbery that occurs within the City of Atlanta. The Robbery Unit investigates pedestrian robberies, robberies of commercial establishments, bank robberies, vehicle hijackings and home invasions. Robbery personnel work in partnership with the FBI on the Violent Crimes Task Force initiative.

The Targeted Enforcement Unit is also a versatile investigative unit containing the Gang Unit, the Gun Reduction Task Force and the ATF/SAFE Group. These three (3) investigative units aggressively analyze, investigate and enforce the gang and gun statutes on both the State and Federal levels. These units are committed to reducing gang and gun violence through a cooperative efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and other state law enforcement agencies.

The License and Permits Unit is responsible for the regulatory oversight of permits issued to: the adult entertainment industry, alcohol vendors and establishments seeking an alcohol license, vending permits for private citizens, and tattoo permits for artists and parlors. The License and Permits Unit is also responsible, as part of their oversight, to monitor and enforce compliance by all applicants pursuant to the municipal code of Atlanta.

The Violent Repeat Offenders Unit is designed to identify persons who flagrantly disregard the personal safety of our citizens by continually perpetrating violent crimes against them that adversely affect our community. Through in-depth investigations and link analysis these individuals are identified, investigated and brought to justice through Federal and State judicial processes.