Major Andrew Senzer - Zone 2

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Zone 2 Commander

Major Senzer began his career 24 years ago, patrolling the streets of Zone 6 in East Atlanta. It was during his time assigned as the beat officer for the Kirkwood neighborhood that he developed a passion for community policing and took pride in the relationships that he developed with the residents and business owners on his beat.  In 2000, he was assigned to the RED DOG Unit where he worked on a team dedicated to combatting street-level narcotics operations throughout the City.

In 2004, Senzer was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and was assigned to Zone 3 where he supervised patrol officers and multiple specialty teams.  From there, he was brought back to the RED DOG Unit where he spent the next two years managing the deployment of its teams.

In 2007, Senzer was transferred to the elite SWAT Team, where he spent the next several years responding to highly volatile calls and participating in security details for major events.  During this time, he was selected to attend the Hazardous Devices School directed by the FBI and became one of only a handful of certified bomb technicians in the region. Senzer also became a Georgia POST-certified instructor in three major disciplines (general, firearms, and defensive tactics) which led to the development of his second passion for teaching and mentoring other officers. 

In 2014, Senzer was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, and returned to patrol operations as a watch commander in Zone 5 in Midtown and Downtown.  In 2016, he was reassigned to the Police Academy to oversee the department’s Critical Incident Training Unit.   It was here that Senzer implemented the Tactical Field Operator (TFO) program which was designed to bridge the response gap between patrol and SWAT.  Senzer developed the TFO concept while participating in the Atlanta Police Leadership Institute’s Tier 4 program.  The TFO program provides select officers with 80 hours of enhanced tactical training as well as 16 hours per month of progressive training. Unlike SWAT, TFOs are assigned to the patrol division and are an integral part of every watch in every zone.  At any given time, TFOs in the field can provide a rapid response tailored to mitigate specific threats.  The TFO program has enabled the department to be best in class regarding its readiness to respond to terroristic and other life-threatening events. 

In 2018, Senzer was appointed to the rank of captain, and was assigned the role of Night Commander.  In this capacity, he was responsible for overseeing the nightly operations of the entire Department and liaised with the media during significant events.  Later that year, Senzer was transferred to Zone 3 in southeast Atlanta as the Assistant Commander where he shared responsibilities for developing crime enforcement strategies for the many different neighborhoods that comprise the zone.  Senzer was also tasked with chairing APD’s Civil Disturbance Preparedness Committee for Super Bowl LIII.  This committee was charged with developing a multi-tiered and scalable response to protests, riots, marches and other incidents involving civil disorder during the 10-day operational period of this marquee event.

Promoted to the rank of major in April 2019, Senzer is currently the Zone 2 Commander, and remains committed to being an active participant in the Neighborhood Planning Units and other community groups who share a common interest in reducing crime through collaborative efforts.

Senzer grew up on Long Island, New York, and is the son of two now-retired public school teachers. He graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and worked in the public sector in New York City for four years before transitioning to law enforcement.  Senzer and his wife have been married since 2000 and are the proud parents of identical twin teenage sons and a teenage daughter.  He enjoys sports, staying active, and most of all spending time with his family.