LIT Lanes - Lite Individual Transportation Lanes

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formerly bike lanes

Join APD in our campaign to educate the public on the fine increases and hazards of blocking the LIT Lanes. We encourage everyone to consider who you are putting at risk when you pull your vehicle into a LIT Lane. It could be your neighbor, a friend or a child from the neighborhood.





Please consider:

  • Avoid parking in a LIT Lane
  • Parking in the lanes forces bikes, scooters and other light transportation into the vehicle lanes causing
    • Congestion
    • Fines for parking in a LIT Lane have increased
  • Possible injury to those who should be in the LIT Lanes
    • Passenger vehicles are now $100
    • Commercial delivery trucks are now $1,000
  • ATL Plus and APD Officers will be enforcing this violation

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View the city ordinance HERE