The City of Atlanta Police Department License and Permit Unit regulates vending on private property and flea markets to ensure that everyone follows the city ordinance and codes. We also want to protect the public by overseeing the merchandise that is offered.

Vending Permit Issuance Process
STEP ONE – Do you have the right location?

  • Go to the Zoning Enforcement Division to verify if your desired location has been approved for your intended use. They also make sure that the location is not a vacant lot. You may call the Zoning Enforcement Division at 404.330.6175 or at 55 Trinity Ave. Suite 3900 Atlanta, GA 30303.
  • Valid Permission Letter from Zoning (Page 9 of the Vending Application)
    • This letter approves or disapproves the location and then they sign and date the letter. This letter must be completed and presented for review and approval before application can be accepted and processed. This letter is good for one year only.
  • Private Property Permission Letter (Page 8 of the Vending Application)
    • You must also provide a notarized copy of the private property permission letter, so that we may verify that you are allowed to vend at the desired location.
  • Compliance Check
    • Call the License and Permit Unit at 404.546.4470 to schedule a date and time for a vending officer to check the location. The vending officer checks to see how far the kiosk is from the sidewalk and to make sure the location is in compliance. The LPU officer will record your location in a compliance check sheet or inspection sheet.

STEP TWO – Obtain your state and federal documents

  • Federal Tax ID Number
    • A hard copy of the applicants Federal Tax ID Number is required if the applicant has or plans to employ individuals to assist with vending. The Federal Tax ID Number can be obtained from the Summit building located at 401 W. Peachtree Street. A Federal Tax ID Number application stamped “Received” must be presented as proof that the applicant applied for a Federal Tax ID Number. To apply for your Employer ID Number (EIN), you can visit the IRS website.
  • State Retail ID Number
    • The State Department of Revenue requires all businesses to obtain a state identification number. This number can be obtained at the Georgia Department of Revenue by visiting them online. Applications for the State Retail ID Number can be faxed to (404)-417-6629. A hardcopy of the State Retail ID Number is required. For more information, dial 1-877-423-6711.

STEP THREE – Fill out the application and collect the required documents

  • Health Permit (required if you are serving food)
    • This form must be presented to the Fulton County Health Department located at 99 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive S.E. for review and approval.
  • Recorded Materials (required if you are selling media)
    • An original signed letter from the recording owners authorizing the sale of recorded materials is required if the vendor wishes to sell any type of copy written recorded materials whether in whole or a part of the reproduction.
  • Valid Permission Letter From Zoning
  • Private Property Permission Letter
  • Site Plan
    • A visual depiction of the vending site displaying the following: (a) Exact location of the vending operation on the property, (b) Length, width, and height of the vending stand, (c) Location of all on-site parking spaces which serves the property, (d) Location of any power sources which will be used. The site plan will be filed along with each application.
  • Reference Letters
    • Two (2) character reference letters must be submitted with application. All letters must be typed or written in black ink. Letters must also include the name, address and telephone number of person providing reference.
  • Assistant Vendor Application (required if you have an assistant)
    • Must complete an Assistant Vendor application and pay required fees.
  • SAVE Affidavit
  • E-Verify Affidavit
  • Secure and Verifiable Identification
    • Each applicant will be required to present a current, valid state issued identification with their picture. Acceptable forms of identification will be: (a) State issued drivers license, (b) State issued ID card, (c) Military ID, or (d) Passport. Non-U.S. citizens must present a Resident Alien Card or a U.S. Social Security Card giving them permission to work in the United States.
  • Obtain the appropriate amount of money orders for each fee:
    • Primary Vendor
      • Fingerprint: $20.00
      • Application: $50.00
      • Merchandise: $75.00
      • Food : $75.00
      • Combination: $125.00
    • Flea Market Vendor
      • Application: $50.00
      • Fingerprint: $20.00
      • Flea Market : $50.00
    • Assistant Vendor
      • Application: $50.00
      • Fingerprint: $20.00
      • Merchandise: $15.00

STEP FOUR – Go to the License and Permit Unit to submit your application and complete your background check

  • Finger print 
    • The applicant will be fingerprinted in the License and Permits Office. If applicant is a corporation, the agent and first (5) corporate officers or major stockholders must complete a personal history card and be fingerprinted. $20 per person.
  • Background check
    • $50 processing fee for the background check. This background check verifies that there are no outstanding charges against that individual.
  • Application
    • Please write legibly in BLACK ink or type information. Answer all questions appropriately and in detail. Applications must be signed, dated, and notarized.
  • Pay any and all related fees.

STEP FIVE – Obtain your business license at the Business Tax Office

  • Business License
    • A City of Atlanta general business license is required after obtaining a vending permit. This license can be obtained from Atlanta City Hall located at 55 Trinity Avenue. Call 404-330-6270 for additional information. *NOTE: No existing business license for any other business may be used.


Primary Vendor

  • Fingerprint: $20.00
  • Application: $50.00
  • Merchandise: $75.00
  • Food : $75.00
  • Combination: $125.00

Flea Market Vendor

  • Application: $50.00
  • Fingerprint: $20.00
  • Flea Market : $50.00

Assistant Vendor

  • Application: $50.00
  • Fingerprint: $20.00
  • Merchandise: $15.00

Payment for fees will be accepted only in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. All application fees are non-refundable. The following money orders will NOT be accepted: Fidelity Express, United One, and US Express. Funds must be on separate money orders/cashier’s checks in the amounts listed. These fees are processed at the License and Permit Unit.

Required Documents

Private Property Vending Application
Private Property Assistant Vending Application
Affidavit (Included in application)
Private Employer Affidavit (Included in application)