The Communication Section operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and consists of the following units:

  1. The 911 Communications Center receives, classifies and prioritizes calls from the public and dispatches the calls that require police response; transfers and/or directs calls that do not require police response to the proper agency/unit; performs stolen checks on items, wanted/missing checks on persons and hit confirmations from entering agencies; processes requests and/or subpoenas for 911 tapes and Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS) printouts for citizen and law enforcement personnel; takes reports on designated, non-emergency crimes and completes GCIC/NCIC forms on missing persons and stolen autos.
  2. The Validation Unit maintains the quality (timeliness, accuracy, completeness and validity) of the Department's records entered into the GCIC/NCIC computerized hot files; monitors the CHRI (Criminal History Record Information) files for the entries made by the Department ensuring that GCIC/NCIC policies and procedures are followed.
  3. The Communications Training Unit provides certification for 911 and dispatch, various training for all Communications employees and assists the Training Academy with Departmental training. Provides GCIC training for the entire Department.
  4. Electronic Maintenance installs and maintains the citywide radio system, transmission equipment, mobile data terminals and monitors alarm receivers for City facilities.