The Training Section is responsible for facilitating thirty-five weeks of basic recruit training, specialized and professional development training, the Tactical Field Operator (TFO) program, the Mobile Field Force (MFF), firearms  training, and the Citizens Police Academy.  During his tenure at the Training Section, Major Schierbaum has overseen a variety of initiatives to align the Departments training program with recommendations in the President’s Task Force on Policing in the 21st Century.   

  In addition to adding a 40-hours of Crises Intervention Team (CIT) training to the basic recruit training the departments has added Fair and Impartial Policing training, visits to the Center for Civil and Human Rights, expanded training opportunities with the transgender community, enhanced officer survival training to include Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, and more than doubled the number of reality based training hours.   The Academy team has also expanded the Citizens Police Academy program to include a Millennial Citizens Police Academy as well as a Clergy Citizens Police Academy which were instituted in 2016.